It is up to you to make an scheduled appointment with me. If you need to change that time you need to contact me ASAP. If you miss your appointment no refund will be given because I block that time out for you. You will have to repurchase a reading. I am located in the Central time zone so please remember that when your making an appointment

An Intuitive Psychic Reader, Nikki connects with the Spirit Realm to deliver insightful messages to aid you with your current life situation. She has been sharing her abilities with others through her card Readings and Mediumship for more than five years. She is a natural medium who is honest and authentic and will deliver only the messages that are pertinent to you at that time. She is able to connect with: deceased loved ones, angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Totem Animals, gods, and numerous other spiritual and multidimensional entities. She receives the messages through her innate psychic abilities such as: clairvoyance (visions), clairsentience (feelings), clairaudience (hearing), and remote viewing. She connects directly to those beings who have messages to share with you and will reveal personal facts and information so that you are confident that what you are experiencing is real. Nikki has been on her spiritual journey for a lifetime and has studied numerous spiritual paths. Currently she identifies as an Eclectic Pagan Witch.

Her usual Tarot Reading consists of a modified twelve card Celtic Spread, but will do any other layout upon request. She emphasizes that the Readings she gives are about her clients and what they desire to know. She strongly encourages each client to ask any and all questions they may have so that they gain a clear understanding of the messages given during their session. You will receive a hard copy of your reading including pictures of the lay out through email unless other wise agreed upon.

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Quality Hand Crafted Items for your Magical Needs

I started crafted back in the early 90’s to pass the time away while pregnant with my son who was my first child. My first project was a latch hook kit.. I as “hooked” from there!! I started trying out other mediums and making things for my family. I have done some needle work, ceramics, paper crafts, clay, painting, wood working, candle making, soap making and wedding flowers. My hobby turned into a business when my husband at the time wanted to do something together and make extra money. So the business was born. Sadly it was closed while I went threw my divorce. That is when I found my current path. Once I decided this was my path my crafts turned toward the magic type and I made them for myself. Once my family and friends found out I made certain things they asked me to make it for them and they started paying me. This is when the business was open again, but geared toward the pagan community. I had it open for years until I had to close it to move to another state. Now that I have been in Texas for awhile its time to reopen my business. I have missed it so much because I had meet so many great pagan people and can not wait until I meet more in this state.